Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Camp!

Dear Mom and Dad,
    Summer camp is great! I’ve been making all kinds of new friends here at Cabin 5. Plus I got a bunch of old friends here I haven’t seen in FOREVER! There’s Mikey Stablein who was here last summer so he showed me around camp (he really knows where all the cool places to hang out are!) And there’s Natalie and Dave who live upstairs and are going steady (they’re ALWAYS smooching and driving the rest of us crazy!) And there’s Wally, he’s funny and is always telling jokes and cracking us up. And there’s Brian who brought his TV and Xbox (I think I’ll be hanging out in his room the most!) And finally there’s Ryan who’s directing one of the plays I’m in. Ryan is REALLY smart and knows a lot of stuff about theatre. There are two new people who I don’t know: Kirin and Melissa. They seem really nice. Kirin has kooky pink sunglasses and Melissa likes to knit scarves for puppy dogs. I think we’re all going to get along great.

But boy, do I miss home! Mostly on account that I seem to be allergic to the entire state of Virginia. I found this out on Saturday when everyone in our camp played softball against two other camps. I couldn’t play on account of my drip-drip nose. So I just watched until I got so sick I had to go to my bunk. I slept for 16 hours! When I awoke Mikey told me we lost. Twice. Wally said they really could have used my power hitting. I felt just crumby.

Sunday was a way better day. We had the first read-through of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This really neat play by this guy Bill Shakespeare. I play Bottom. I’m so excited about this play but I’m also kinda scared. On account that I sure do have a lot of speeches… Everyone else is gonna be great though. I can tell. I think this is one of the best cast and crew I’ve ever played with.

Well I gotta get going Geoff (my other director) says we gotta go work on his play now. I promise I’ll write every chance I get if you promise to keep sending me your chocolate chip cookies!


Tell Liz and Pamis to keep their mitts off my stuff.

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