Sunday, May 31, 2009

Midsummer Begins!!

Today was the festival's first two show day as A Midsummer Night's Dream kicked off with an afternoon read through while The Bluest Water rehearsed in the evening. This is an amazing cast and it was a joy to listen to this afternoon's rehearsal. I can only imagine how this play will just come to life when it moves into the beautiful outdoor scenery here at Sweet Briar. 

It is always a joy for me, as a director, to sit in on another director's work. Ryan's rehearsal demeanor and approach is casual and relaxed but clear and productive. Ryan and I trained in the same MFA program, so much of our approach is the same. We both believe in discovery through activity. Most of the work will come through the work with the actors on their feet and in the space, with a strong foundation at the table as a launching point. We have differences as well and I love to learn from other directors and their approach. I am excited to watch Ryan's process over the next month. I have so much faith in Ryan's skill and I can't wait to share his work with our audiences. 

Tomorrow I begin work on My Brother's Knife. We will officially have three shows in rehearsal at once!! I was leaving the campus housing tonight and talking with our Production Assistant Brian Chaitin and he reminded me of how special this moment in our growth is. Despite the economy and all the challenges, all the incredible people involved with Endstation continue to progress and grow. 

Geoffrey Kershner
Artistic Director 

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