Monday, May 25, 2009

We're Back!

We are BACK!!

It was so exciting to have the cast of The Bluest Water resemble last night. It was a reunion but not a reunion of reflection of what we once did, like most reunions are, but an opportunity to share in the experience of this play once more. Hearing the play last night was like running into an old friend. It was familiar, comfortable, but exciting. We were laughing again and were also moved again. 

This also marks the start of the 2009 Blue Ridge Summer Theatre Festival. We are heading into year two. We have some of the old faces back and some new faces as well. It has been a tough fundraising year with the economy, but I have so much belief in the people that we have assembled this summer. I truly believe we are going to create an even better festival than last year, despite the financial struggles that so many of us feel and that has made it difficult to fundraise. It is the power of people that makes theatre so magical. Theatre is about shared experience. The shared experience of the audience and the actors, the shared experience of the characters and actors, and the shared experience of all of us gathered to make this theatre festival happen. I feel so lucky to do this with my life and to work with the people I work with. This festival is happening because of so many wonderful people and the talents that they bring to the table. 

We have some changes to this year's script. The actors are adjusting to these changes and we are also finding places where we are returning to old elements from last year's script. The biggest change to the script this year is the HAM radio scene with Young Emory, Cuddy, Shauna, and now the voice of "George" and "Hank." This scene had to be rewritten because of our own inaccuracies with HAM radio protocol. The new scene, in my mind, is even better. Much more active, accurate, and also provides some new meat for the actors to bite into. It was a joy to work with Koda, Tanya, Jared and Thomas on this new scene. They are going to do a wonderful job with it. 

Wow... here I am again, bloggin' and takin' pictures. Time flies by so fast. So it begins. There will be daily blog posts now and plenty to observe. Tune in and watch the journey!

Geoffrey Kershner
Artistic Director
Endstation Theatre Company

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