Monday, May 25, 2009

And we roll on


As Geoff said in yesterday's post, we are back in full swing for the 09 Blue Ridge Summer Theatre Festival. In addition to the regular on going rehearsals there is plenty to do behind the scenes as well. Krista and I measured and taped out the Bluest Water set, so that the actors can have an idea of their playing space before they get the actual set. Here you can see Krista laying down a line towards the upstage area of the stage.

Even though there are going to be tweaks and adjustments to the show as we move along in the process, we have the advantage of looking back at what we did last year and have a base to go from. This is the case when it comes to most of the props we are going to be using. For example here is the chair that the character of "Jared" uses in the actual show, next to some actor blocks we are using in the rehearsal process before we bring in the actual table to be used.

Although the rehearsal period is a short, it is exciting. It is fun since we have last year's show to go from as far as blocking and script, so it is nice to brainstorm and collaborate as we are beginning to mark out where everyone is going to be on stage and how they are going to move around. Geoff has a vision in his mind as the Artistic Director and then every once in a while the cast will contribute as well, so it is a collaborative effort.

We are looking forward to the rest of the week as we continue forging ahead with the beginnings of the Bluest Water process, and are excited as rehearsals for our other two shows, Midsummer Night's Dream, and My Brother's Knife will begin next week.

So begins again a summer full of fantastic theatre. The rest of the actors, designers, and crew will all begin to roll in at the end of the week, and by next Sunday we will be up and running to full capacity. I hope you will be able to join for at least one if not all three of our shows when we begin performances in June and July.

I am looking forward to a great summer, as we learned alot from last year, and have some new ideas that we are implementing to make things even better this year. We have some familiar faces, faces we have not seen in a while, and some new faces joining us this year. It is nice to be fresh at the beginning of the process and looking at the summer that lies ahead. Knowing that we have alot of work ahead of us, does not sway us, because we know that the result at the end will be so sweet!

So here is to another summer, a new adventure, and another chapter to add to the Endstation journey. Hope you will join us along the way!


Maria Hayden
Company Manager
Endstation Theatre Company

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