Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ready, Set, Go!!!

So here we are.....we have just completed tech week for the Bluest Water. Tech week for those who do not know is the week in which all the various elements of what makes a show a show are merged together to create a masterpiece. Some tech weeks go very smoothly.....others....well sometimes no so smoothly. However it is a perfect time to work out all the "bugs" from a show, and have a chance to tweak and get things just right before the very first audience member sets foot through the theatre doors on opening night.
This week was definitely an interesting one, as we survived some hiccups here and there. We dealt with interesting cues, storms, our light board crashing several times, a leaky roof, and yes.....even golf ball size hail. The designers were all on pins and needles as they wanted to be able to watch their work in progress so that they could adjust and fix as needed, only it was tough when we were not able to get a smooth run of the show in.

However everyone kept their cool as we jumped the hurdles, and things finally started looking up this evening at our final dress rehearsal. We got through the show, and everything began to come together! It was pretty neat to watch the beautiful symphony of actors, light design, set design, sound design, and all the other elements meld and work in harmony.

At one point as I was sitting in my "perch" watching a scene, I started to get excited and a bit nervous to think we are going to have a live audience sitting in the seats just below where I will be calling the show from in less than twenty-four hours!! There is something special about an opening night, and even though we are mounting this show for the second time, this opening night will have it's own special feeling to it as well. There is a special energy among the cast and crew as everyone gets ready to begin. We whisper amongst ourselves and wonder who might be out in the audience, the actors get into character, and the production team check and re-check to make sure all our tech elements are in order.

Geoff reminded the cast tonight, that we cannot forget the true essence of what this particular story is about. This play is special for a lot of people who survived Hurricane Camille in the local area; and it we never want to lose sight of this as we are finishing final preparations for the show. I am excited that we will soon share this piece with the patrons, and even for those who saw any of the performances last year, they will be in for a treat as there will be some fresh things for them to see.

I hope that you have reserved your tickets as you will not want to miss this one, or any of the other shows that will be performing as part of the 09 BRSTF. If you will be at opening night, we look forward to seeing you, if you will be a different performances, we look forward to seeing you, and if you have yet to buy your tickets, well.. we hope to see you too!

Even the endstation baby and friend are ready!


Maria Hayden
Company Manager

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