Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Restore! Restore!

So, Midsummer. On its feet as you know, outside (when Clark-induced rain permits), and now, half-blocked! I type this from the aftermath of the huge lovers' fight--let me tell you, that will be a sight to see so MAKE SURE TO BUY TICKETS--so forgive me if the paralysis hasn't quite dissolved from my fingers.

One important thing about Midsummer is the director, Ryan Clark. He is a man. He is a man who is big on pictures, on visuals. I sat down to a rehearsal last night where we ran through what we'd done so far, and tried to capture some of the brilliant images he's created.

And I'm spent. No, really. Fight scene: you are going to want to see it.

Kirin McCrory
Fatigued Actor

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