Saturday, June 6, 2009

We are the BRSTF... and that ain't no BULL!

I feel like we just got here the other day but I glanced at a calendar today and was hugely surprised that we are into June already. Time flies when you're having fun, or uh, extremely busy. Needless to say the folks involved with the festival are all running around getting things done; but we still try to have a little fun.

ash updating ticket sales (left),
drew & brian discussing load in (center),
dan designing custom lighting templates (right)

We have many new faces added to the festival this year and I have the pleasure on the production end of things to be working with 5 spirited young individuals... our interns. They came to us through many different means. The pictures are to come because believe it or not, I forgot to get pictures of us working this week because, well, WE WERE WORKING. So stay tuned for them in a few days. We are headed into tech for The Bluest Water so things should slow down a bit. Ha! I'm such a funny girl.

There's Melissa. She is a student at Lynchburg College and is doing various tasks for us this summer. She is Stage Managing My Brother's Knife, coming into the shop a few times a week to help with build, prep costumes, pull props, and paint. You will also see her onstage in Midsummer. She is staying on campus which helps with the odd schedule she has hopping from one show to the next. I don't know how she keeps her head attached... might need her to give me some pointers.

Then we have Hillarie. Hillarie goes to Christopher Newport University. She is stronger than any of us, and quite frankly puts the boys to shame. Go girl! You can trust her with any tool and any project. If there is something she doesn't already know, she picks it up really quickly. We are pretty lucky to have her around.

Dana is also a new addition to the team. She is a student at Longwood and lives right down the road in Lynchburg. She will be helping us out a lot this summer, 150 hours to be exact. She's been working on many projects, anything from painting and props, to marketing and publicity for ticket sales. You may also run into her in the lobby where she'll be taking tickets and handing you your program. One thing is for sure, she'll be smiling as she is all the time.

We also have Tania. Tania is a Sweet Briar girl who is here this summer doing research for an original play she is writing. She is our Scenic Art intern and she has assisted me in painting many of Sweet Briar Theatre productions during her regular academic year. In addition to her behind the scenes role, you will see her on stage in Midsummer. I am so happy to have her with us this summer!

And last but not least, Greg. Funny thing is we have yet to meet Greg. He starts this week. He will be attending William & Mary in the fall and is interested in lighting and sound design/tech; he also has an interest in film. Greg will also be spending one rehearsal per week with one of our directors to observe and assist. Although, we haven't been formally introduced, all agree he sounds pretty cool from his emails. See you Monday Greg!

Look how much we’ve gotten done this week…

progress continues on The Bluest Water

The production team is thrilled to have not one or two, but five extra sets of hands helping us put up the shows this year. It really makes a huge difference at the end of each day when we see how much more we accomplished with their help. Thanks guys!

When we are not working for a saucy second, let’s see how the gang blows off a little steam…

some of the gang at Bull Branch

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