Wednesday, June 24, 2009


A year later, we are now in our second final weekend for The Bluest Water: A Hurricane Camille Story. I was thinking about last summer, how we were all so happy to be a part of something so special. Now I wanted to take stock of where we are now. Where we have come. How people are feeling at this second ending. And so I asked the cast to reflect on the show. On the differences of the two years, on the cast, on their characters, on reinvestigating this story, meeting new audiences, etc. And they all had beautiful things to say. So I will let them do their own talking.

The original cast of The Bluest Water: A Hurricane Camille Story reflects on run number two. (and we still have 4 more to go! so its not over until that guitar song plays on Sunday and the boy with the 'kind eyes' walks onto that platform)

Sally Southall: "It's sad in the carpool. We were able to spend more time with these characters. Now to leave them is very sad and not just the characters, it's the people too. I'm so grateful for this whole group getting back together. It's pretty amazing."

Thomas Christopher Bell: "It's become such a part of me, it's natural."

Ken Parks: "We're older, the costumes are tighter--- They've continued to grow. I've felt more focused because it's been consecutive nights. It's like we got on that train and just kept going."

David Settles: "I'm just phoning it in at this point."

Derek Arey: "We picked up where we left off and continued the process."

Michael Stablein Jr: "It's privileged material. Stoies are all around us here. And a situation like that only allows these stories to grow."

Tania Anderson: "It's harder ending it this year because this year is it."

Wanda Bond: "Been kinda sad. It brings back a lot of memories. But it helps you realize what's important in life. A friend of mine said, 'it helps you cope not only with the flood but personal tragedies as well.' Life goes on."

Jared Anderson: "Last year by the time we closed we knew there was going to be this year. Whereas this year is it. It's definitely more bittersweet."

Paul Stober: "I've been happy to be able to do it again. Be with people I know and like. Get to inflict the show on some more people. Also, I consider my character, Robert, a friend. And getting to spend more time understanding him. Getting clarity. It's been nice."

Koda: "It's been fun to find new things, new moments. And I've learned a lot about keeping it new and fresh. Plus, loved getting to work with all these people again."

Casey Carden: "This show is one of the most special things I've been a part of. Beyond my wildest dreams."

As for me??

It's been wonderful. And break legs this weekend. Sunsets, sunsets.

-Natalie Caruncho


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