Thursday, June 25, 2009

Once Upon A TIme......

In a land far away called Tallahassee......there lived two friends. They would laugh together, play together, create together, drink and be merry together. They would talk about all sorts of things, and share ideas and dreams that they had. All the while going about their everyday duties of education and learning.

One day one of them said, "I have an idea" and so the other thought best to listen as she rather enjoyed hearing her best pal's thoughts.

He said, "Let us go to the land of Sweet Briar in the far away kingdom of Virginia, and we will entertain the masses. We will entertain with costumes, make-up, beautiful lights, unique sounds, and special speech. The friend thought for a moment and said, "This is a wonderful idea, and although I know the journey may be tough, I will come with you and join in this adventure."

So the two friends wanting to start right away created a special project in the land of Tallahassee that would bear the name of their future venture.

Their project was met with great success and the friends were excited and energized to move on to the land of Sweet Briar. The two friends came to C-Ville which was close to the land of Sweet Briar and began their adventure. They plotted and planned what they would do and how they would do it. "How will we buy provisions?" they asked each other. They decided to ask the kind people of the land, and set about the task of raising funds.

They decided that they needed a story........there was a sacred memory of a great storm that had struck the land of Amherst, Sweet Briar, and all the surrounding towns many moons ago. The two friends thought, "surely this will bring great joy to the people if we write a story about this storm and present it to the people as a gift". They set about the task and enlisted the help of another friend who was a man of great words. The two pals knew that a story of great importance such as this would take some time to develop.
In the meantime they knew that people wanted to be entertained, so they decided to create a project around the writings of a man from long ago named Poe. The friends were excited when they got to share their Poe project with not only the lands of Sweet Briar and Amherst, but Lynchburg, C-Ville, and a great big city called D.C.

As the friends continued to develop their "storm story" they thought, "why not give the people something more, another gift of entertainment?" So they settled on a story that already been written by another man from long ago named Willy Shakespeare. It was a story about love, death, and everything in-between. They thought they would present their Shakespeare piece alongside the unveiling of the masterpiece storm story. The shows were met with much praise from the people, and the two friends were happy to have had so many fellow dreamers alongside helping to present the experience of entertainment for the people.

The friends began to talk and decided that it would be good to present their storm story again in a year as it would be a special time of remembrance for the people in the land. The friends decided to again give the people more and picked another story by Willy Shakespeare. This time the story focused on crazy love, and a magical fairy world. Not wanting to stop there the friends decided a third presentation for the people was in order. This third piece would be a great mystery and the friends were excited to unveil it to the people.....

Here is to you:
And to you:

Without either of you this would not be possible:

The journey of the two friends marches on. They will forge ahead in their adventure of bringing the entertainment to the masses. Some will join the journey alongside them for the long haul, others only for a short time. However, without the vision and idea of two young grad students, none of this would be here now.

Thank you Geoff and Krista for pursuing the dream and adventure.......the "quest" continues.....


Maria Hayden
Company Manager.....and a friend


Sally Southall said...

How touching and fitting...the saga continues, and what an incredible journey!

Natalie said...

cheers to you both.

love you. and love this company. and love love love.