Thursday, June 4, 2009

The First before the Final

We have just wrapped up week two of the summer festival and it has been a good one. All three shows have been running rehearsals and we are continuing to move ahead, as our first opening night approaches. This evening we had our first full run of The Bluest Water, and it went pretty well. There are several changes that are being worked into the story this year, and the entire cast seems to be handling them very well. We will be heading into our tech week beginning this coming Sunday afternoon, and at that point it is full speed ahead until we open next Friday evening (June 12th) - hurry and reserve your tickets now- you will not want to miss this!!

It has been interesting to watch the actors work through their process as the show has "gotten up on it's feet". Now that they are pretty much off book (ie. know their lines), they can continue to explore their characters and dive deeper into the emotion and essence of what their character is feeling during a particular scene. Geoff (Director), Ken, and Sally (aka: Jared and Liz) were discussing this very thing last night at rehearsal. Throughout the show the audience gets to experience the journey of these characters and in certain spots actually see memories of specific characters. It is really neat how the playwright worked these special moments into the script. I don't want to give too much away, however this year the memories are a bit more in focus, and Geoff was communicating to Ken and Sally how they should really use them to continue to propel their character development further.

As I was listening to the conversation, I was struck by the humanity of this particular story. This play is very special and personal to the local community since Hurricane Camille affected the entire area forty years ago. There are specific lines that are straight from accounts that survivors of the flood communicated to Jason (playwright). Therefore it is all the more real for the actors when they realize that they are expressing and communicating someone's personal story. It is an important responsibility and I know that every single cast and crew member recognizes this fact, and are honored to be able to be part of the show.

I think we have all have expressed at one point or another during this rehearsal period how grateful we are to have a second chance to put on this play. We have been able to take a second look at the story, and find both large and small changes that only add and improve to what this piece already is. I believe individuals that saw the show last year will return and be touched again in a special way, unique to the previous experience. As well as those folks who are seeing the show for the first time.

I think all of us are still amazed at how quick this rehearsal period was, and almost have to pinch ourselves as the anticipation heightens with opening night drawing near. The Bluest Water is a very special story, and a real tribute to those individuals who experienced the hurricane and flood of 1969. I hope that you will plan to join us for a performance either for the second time around, or for the first. I promise that you will not be disappointed, and can take part in something truly unique, and very special.

Maria Hayden
Company Manager

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