Sunday, June 14, 2009

We have audiences!!

We have opened! The Bluest Water has begun and I have been very pleased with the audience response. We have had a chance to retool things and I am really excited to share the piece. I think it is a solid event and I have so much confidence in the design, the cast, and the crew and I am so proud to greet audiences at the end of the night.

It has been wonderful to have audiences return and a big part of this is our "front of house" set up. We are so much more organized this year and this is due in large part to my beautiful girlfriend Ashley who has taken on our box office this year. Every day she records our online tickets sales, takes our messages, and then handles meeting the audiences as they arrive at our doors.

This year we are also trying to raise funds beyond ticket sales as we move through the summer. Ash has created a beautiful donation jar in hopes that patrons will help support us further. We have also reorganized the lobby this year to direct people to ticket sales, into the theatre, and on to the stage.

We have also set up a merchandise table to sell our t-shirts and tote bags. We have also placed our Burg article from last year, along with pictures from last year by the merch table.

This year we have also formally organized a meet and greet of the actors with audiences members at the end of the performance. Last year this happened informally for a lot who survived or had memories of the storm and wanted to share their experience with the actors. So this year we are have organized this opportunity.

I am excited to continue to welcome audiences to share in our work. I have no doubt the show will continue to grow and expand. Please join us if you haven't.

Geoffrey Kershner
Artistic Director

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