Saturday, June 27, 2009

Phase II

July is just around the corner and with it, it brings a new set of goals, schedules and projects to look forward to. We've been planning throughout the run of The Bluest Water for two other shows that open mid July and as strike nears (tomorrow) those plans will be set into motion. Come Monday if you need to find any of the BRSTF team, look in the shops, rehearsal spaces, or offices because they won't be spending a lot of time anywhere else.

One of our upcoming shows which you've probably heard about already is a whimsical journey with fairy guides that sparkle and "bop" and a series of events that bring more color, fun and playfulness into our world. The cast of A Midsummer Night's Dream will surely dazzle you with their lively antics. Along with them comes a colorful arrangement of props that will adorn their environment. Director, Ryan Clark whom I call, "My Ryan" to everyone else but him, has challenged me to design a habitat for the players that they dub their own. A place of found objects that in its own nondescript way, has a personality that can only be enlightened by the creatures that inhabit it. This place, a park perhaps, has the distinct features of an age that is getting dull... really, such a drag man. However, as we progress throughout or story, it becomes an enchanted place where who knows what could happen.

Crazy curly vine staff with flower

Funky, psychedelic notebook

Natalie Caruncho, our Puck, swings from a tree in this "found space"

Audiences are sure to enjoy this fun piece of outdoor theatre. So keep your fingers crossed that we have great weather! But, while the cast and crew for Midsummer enjoy their beautiful days outside in the fresh air, there is a whole lot going on inside the theatre as well. My Brother's Knife, is being built in anticipation of load-in just prior to tech week. The crucial action of this play happens both up on the ledge of the 5th St. bridge and in Madame Helga's abode which doubles as her spiritual healing den. The scenic design for this piece consists of a 2 level diorama with high set windows and cinder block walls. It feels a little damp although it is most certainly a livable space. 1983 brings us back to wood paneling, linoleum and powder blue bathroom tile. Check out some of my surfaces research:

The shop has been buzzing with new materials and things are starting to come together for My Brother's Knife. Props are being ordered, collected, borrowed and built and the main structure of the set is close to being complete.

Drew attaching expanded steel to the upper level of diorama unit for MBK

Brian & Hillarie working on various projects

Dan squaring up a flat for MBK

I have really been looking forward to this part of the summer. For a designer, like me at least, putting a project to bed as we say is a very cathartic experience. I can stop trying to redesign it in my head and move onto another new project. I will always have the memory of what a great experience it was but I get to add to it with whats to come. We are looking forward to the next few weeks... hope you are too.

krista, Resident Scenic Designer

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