Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The actors have moved in. Director has arrived. Lighting and Sets are being built and hung. Meetings are in progress. Softball has been played. And rehearsals for all three shows have begun. It feels like we are truly getting started now. It has been wonderful getting to know what these shows are going to turn into and to start playing. 

Amongst all these beginnings, Michael Stablein, Kirin McCrory and myself had the opportunity to visit some high schools in the area and give workshops. At first, I have to admit the idea of having full auditoriums/ theatres of kids-- actors, english students, and the rest-- listening to us talk about Shakespeare seemed overwhelming to say the least. But each high school surprised us with their enthusiasm and we ended up having a blast every time. We went to Heritage, Nelson County, EC Glass, and Amherst County High Schools. Spending the day sometimes in several classes and sometimes in big auditoriums talking about Shakespeare, showcasing a scene from Midsummer Night's Dream, doing some Stage Combat (which is always a hit, pardon the pun) and ending with the Shakespearean Insult Yo Mamma Showdown. I send applause to everyone who got up and participated. You guys were amazing. 

The following video was put together by our own David McElwee from clips collected during the week. Hope you enjoy. And remember 5 dollar tickets for students. Woot woot!

-Natalie Caruncho


mo-ski said...

Actors as rock stars. Love it.

Aaron said...

Oh my god, this is so much fun!!