Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Tonight, I was taken back by this thing we do. I had two rehearsals. One, Midsummer, that is just getting on its feet, and the other, about to open this Friday. As actors, theatre technicians, directors, designers we create this amazing world that an audience then gets to step into and become an essential part of. There are moments for me, where I stand in absolute awe of the theatre. Tonight, pardon the sap, being one of those times. In both rehearsals I had the chance to just sit back and watch my fellow company members.

During Midsummer I saw a group of actors who have been sitting around a table, reading words, figuring out the meaning of this story, get up onto their feet and bring life and breath to the opening scene. The characters seemed to create themselves and it was so exciting to simply be in the room. And at the end, I think we all wished that we could have kept on going into the night. I did.

And yet, there was another rehearsal to run to… Bluest Water, where I experienced the opposite end of the spectrum. A group of actors who have lived in the world of this play for a year now. We know these people we are playing. I sat back stage watching quick changes, and actors creeping lightly and quietly down to dressing rooms, preparing for entrances, focused and sat again in awe of my fellow company. And our tech crew in the audience working just as hard to create this show.

So tonight. I am re-awed. That's right re-awed at this process. And at this season and company. We have such cool shows being created. And such awesome humans working around the clock. And that's great.

Sigh. Good night peeps.

-Natalie Caruncho


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