Thursday, July 8, 2010's blog post time. Actually, it is a few hours after blog post time but I had some friends from Charleston, South Carolina surprise me last night by showing up at the Alice and Wonderland show and I was hanging with them today. We went to was phenomenal. Okay Okay, reign it in. Blog time. Blog about your experience.
Okay, phew.
Soooooooooooooo, I suppose introducing myself may be of service being that many of you are not Endstation actors, technical artists, or driectors and have no idea who I am. For those of you to whom this may apply, I am sorry. You know the whole stereotype about actors being highly narcissistic self conscious animals? is multiplied by about a billion when you actually have your words staring back at you after they come out. So, I hope I get to meet you sometime in the flesh.
My name is George West Carruth. I graduated this past May from the College of Charleston in South Carolina where I studied acting. I was fortunate enough to meet Geoff (Kershner)(artistic)(director) at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (yeah, that's a mouth full) this past spring. He saw me act, he thought it wasn't half bad, he gave me a note or two, and I took them. It was pretty much director/actor love at first sight. So after some correspondence and a video audition or two, I was invited to join Endstation as an intern this summer. Though I am technically an "intern," I like to refer to myself as an apprentice, much to Maria's dismay.

That's Maria and me up there. She's awesome. As most of you already know, she is one of a few powerhouses on the Endstation team. I think she took this picture while starring in it...crazy. She is one of many people here this summer that make me feel as though I am at home, which brings me to the whole point of this blog. What has your experience been like thus far?
Okay. I wake up to this:
Amherst, Virginia and Sweet Briar College's campus are what many would describe as being "God's country."
I spend the day doing this:
I get to hang out with beautiful and creative people literally "playing." Like, acting in plays playing and stuff. But, also playing playing like running and jumping and swimming as well.

And I go to bed to this :
{Casey Carden took those beautiful landscape pictures you see above.}
The experience I have been having this summer with these people is truly amazing. I get to wake up in a beautiful place every morning and be around interesting people. The environment here is comfortable and safe and inspirational.
Since finding acting I have been enamored with the notion of artistry and what exactly that means. I believe one of the many components of the whole game is learning. There is a wealth of knowledge here that kinda blows my mind away everyday. Every person involved with this festival has "got it going on" in some fashion or another and it is wildly enjoyable to learn from them all and just appreciate their work. But what I have enjoyed learning thus far this summer, as artistry is concerned, is the importance of being in a creatively conducive environment. The beautiful people here make that happen. I feel like such a sentimental dork writing this, but it is how I feel and what I believe. Everyday emotionally and intellectually compelling. What the people here produce is about more than filling seats and's art. I am honored to be a part of it.

Thank you for your tolerance,
George (acting apprentice)West(skullcrusher)Carruth

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