Thursday, July 22, 2010

My time here!

Wow, this summer has gone by pretty fast, and I'm pretty bummed that I have to write some of this in the past tense. This was my first summer with Endstation and I didn’t completely know what to expect. I knew Krista and Geoff from Sweet Briar, but I was still kind of nervous because I thought everyone would be way cooler than me…and they were…but it was okay because everyone was really welcoming to me, which has made my summer quite enjoyable!

My days here have been pretty interesting.
I spent my afternoons in the theatre painting the set of "Alice in Wonderland" with Krista and Tania (I don't have any pictures of this but I assure you it happened) and hanging out in the greenroom with these fly people.

Now that Hamlet is up and running I get to hangout with neat people non-stop. Since Hamlet is at the Old Dairy Barn we have to carpool in our costumes to get there. Obviously, I made sure that I was in the carpool of the elite or what we like to call it "The Girlpool". "The Girl Pool" consists of Tania B., Shannon, Melora, and me!

Lots of cool rock star things happen in our backstage/greenroom area such as hanging out by farm equipment

and this

and looking at maria

and chilling in the pottery barn

After Hamlet I go back to Carson and hangout with these lovely people! We like to have little pow wows every now and then.

My time here has been really special and I feel I have learned a lot this summer. In fact I am going to share some of the life lessons I have learned from company members this summer.
Susan “You just got to take care of yourself”
Michael “Fly your freak flag proudly, because you got a big one”
Geoff “I’m not always judging you”
Shannon “You have to center the bonnet, not the comb”
Melora “You only have to shave your legs enough so they look like they’re shaved”
Ryan “Get in the GAME”
Krista “Never start a sentence with an apology”

Thank you to all of Endstation for letting me be a part of this!

-Catherine Tooke
Paint Intern and Actor

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