Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bring me some light!!!

Perhaps you've heard... we are lighting up a barn. When Geoff showed me the site for Hamlet last summer, I was immediately excited with the possibilities of lighting the barn and surrounding grounds, but I told him it would be a major undertaking. The barn once had power, but it had been cut some years back. Sweet Briar agreed to put in a 200 amp disconnect for us to use for the show (that is A LOT of power). That is more than most houses use. In addition to using theatrical lights which we rented, we will use several large industrial flood lights. These lights are usually used to light parking lots, stadiums or large buildings. We will use these to wash the space with light, and use the theatrical units to highlight areas where the scene is taking place. Here Geoff offers some sage advice.
Once the lighting team arrived on site this summer, we ran temporary power to the barn and hung a new dusk to dawn light (shown below) so that the cast could rehearse after dark.

Yesterday Jason Fails and I drove to Baltimore to pick up our rental package from 4 Wall. Awesome road trip! How can you not have an adventure when you roll with Fails?

He even let me take the wheel of his manual '87 Ford!

Here we load the truck in Baltimore with lights and more than 1000 pounds of cable.

After a lot of DC traffic, and some delicious enchiladas (thanks Melissa). We arrive at the old dairy barn to unload.

Today we tied in our power feeder cable from the disconnect (seen below)....

...and ran it across the street into the barn.

From the dimmer rack, we ran cable out to the many locations where our lights will be, and ran control cable to the booth where we will program the show with a laptop. Here I patch cable into the rack.

We also erected several large lighting booms where we will hang lights on Monday. Feel free to swing by and help (9:00-5:00). Pictured below is the booth, with lighting boom attached, and a drawing of the lights we will use. I can't wait to start focusing and seeing the actors in light!!!

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