Thursday, July 15, 2010

Confessions of a Cheshire Cat

This season has been my second Endstation summer and as I expected BRSTF 2010 has been an amazing experience. There are so many things I love about Endstation, first of all the people involved, and then the work environment - it's great to get the opportunity in one summer to do two things I love – act and paint.
During my day, (normally 10 – 3pm) I paint with Krista (and Catherine :). If you saw Alice in Wonderland you know there was a lot of scenic painting - which was incredible because I got to learn lots of different techniques, plus when I went in to work every day there was always painting for me to do.I'd like to take this opportunity to thank and embarrass Krista, because it's basically thanks to her awesomeness that I’m got into a Scenic painting MFA at CalArts and am heading out there in September.
At 5pm ish I head to the theater for the second half of my day: working with another wonderful lady (“and…. HAVE FUN!”). Susan is great director; I had so much fun from the first days in the rehearsal room:
(Photo taken by Casey Carden)
To being on stage
(Photo taken by Tania Bukach)

and at last in front of the audience – which was so rewarding! It was my first show for young audiences and I LOVED it!

Endstation summers are a blast, and I could go on and on about how great the company is, but I might get really sappy and no one wants that – so, all I will say is that this summer was BRILLIANT I’m really looking forward to next summer!

Confessions of a Cheshire Cat.

1) Tiggers ALWAYS have a beer after rehearsal.2) During a show – I would sometimes climb up from stage right up to the rail and see how high I could get before Ryan told me to get down.

3) I constantly distracted Hillary by jumping up and growling during pre-show.

4) Tiggers like being painted, it tickles in a nice way.
(Photo taken by Sally Southall)

5) Cats “Get in character” at Busch Gardens! (with Alice and SM Jess)

6) “Getting in character” with Alice also involves conversations like this:

(video taken by Katie Thomas)

or sometimes dancing and singing with her to No Scrubs

7) Cheshire’s can be daredevils – I do backwards rolls on my two upstage 4’ high platforms just to see if I can. I fell off a few times. No worries, I can’t be seen by the audience behind the screen.

8) My day is PACKED. Check out my planner. That’s why I had no time to really help Alice.

9) I only made two adorable little girls cry. 2 out of ten shows - not bad, eh?

10) Sorry Sally… sometimes I would eat (or be fed) a popsicle during intermission

(video taken by Katie Thomas)

11) I’ve been caught eating my way through a plate/ platter of spaghetti as big as my face.
(What I do to amuse myself when not in the theater.)

11) I boycott Prothro. so I can only go in disguise. Cats HATE having photos taken when they're eating.

(Photo taken by Alex Miller)
12) Backstage I tend to run around "naked-at-first-sight". (wearing a nude leotard) often with a turquoise makeup cape. And run by “flashing” people. When Hillary adds my tiger striped microphone belt I feel like a superhero.

13) And lastly, and most importantly, Cheshires like this. so much! It was really breathtaking. Congrats to everyone involved, great job!

thanks for reading! byeee...eeeee.... miiiiaow.

Tania Salas Platt
Actor and Paints Intern

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