Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hamlet Rehearsal Update

So, we continue with rehearsals and are having a blast. Above is the sky as we finished rehearsal the other night. We start rehearsals early and end at 9pm while there is still light (We light up the barn on July 10th! Be there for BBQ and music! ) and we see some beautiful skies as we leave the space in the evening. It is pretty magical.

Above, Michael Stablein and John Gunnoe rehearse a scene between Laertes and Claudius. I love watching this play come to life under our circumstances. There is a richness and excitement I find in what we are doing. The actors continue to explore and grow. We were also really fortunate last week to meet with Civil War historian Mark Day. His help was invaluable. He validated a lot of our circumstances and helped elevate some of what the actors are playing with.
This week we had an article about the festival in the Washington Post and HAMLET was featured in Ellen Perlman's blog Boldly Going Solo. We are also really excited to have Casey Gillis from the the News and Advance join us this week to watch some of a rehearsal. Stay tuned for an article in The Burg.

This week has also been a week of trying to figure out how to best configure the audience. We have been checking sight lines, mowing, prepping the lights. It is the most extensive work we have done to an audience space yet, but it will be well worth it.

Geoffrey Kershner
Artistic Director

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