Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ode To The Wonderland Crew

Today, I dedicate my blog post to the very deserving technical crew of Alice In Wonderland. Without these cool dudes there would be very little "wonder" to our land and what's fun about that? Not only have this gang of bad-asses handled every obstacle thrown their way with ease, preciscion, humor and class, but they look dang sexy doing it too! These are the kind of cats you want on your side in the event of a zombie-apocalypse...or a really gnarly game of kick-ball. The truth of the matter is these guys RULE...and here's a few reasons why.

Jessica Jane Boatright is a Goddess among Stage Managers. She calls roughly 140+ cues during 37 page script...that's a lot of cues, yo'! Don't let her quite smile fool you, because this lady has loads of moxie. She keeps actors and crew (and mostly myself) in check and on task. Her delightful British accent instantly lights up any room. It's been rad to have Jess around in rehearsals. She always has a bright idea and in her own words is just plain "Brilliant!"
Ryan and Brian are not twins...or dumb. Don't believe me? Check out their killer electronic hedgehog maneuvering skills. Aside from their remote control agility, these two homies are quick on their feet. They operate roughly one million (NOTE: that number may be a rough estimate) scrims, travellers, and bubble machines during the show. That takes some serious muscle power. These two handle the backstage pressure with a relaxed vibe that is to be envied. What it is, dude! What it is.
Don't let his Karaoke skills fool you, Terry Jachimiak II means business. As the Technical Director for Alice he runs a tight ship. His crew is always on the ball and working hard. He is always one step ahead of the game which means we have more time to party. Just kidding!! Sort of... When he's in the shop he's focused on getting the job done, and while I don't believe he's ever chopped of anyone's head, I wouldn't try him when he's in the zone.

I was amazed and impressed when Tania told me she just recently became interested in costume design. This rockstar made Alice's dress all by her lonesome! If you haven't seen it yet you're missing out. Dior himself couldn't have crafted a better one. She's an artist in every sense of word and I'm glad that she could work some of her magic with us this summer.

Claire is a gangsta'! Not the kind that causes mischief and mayhem, but the kind that knows her business and knows how to get it done. She's counted endless amounts of lightbulbs and aided Dan in re-focusing and re-haning and then AGAIN re-focusing and re-haning all the lights in the show. She's also Jessica's right hand WOman up in the light booth. It's a job I know ain't easy, yet she makes it look like a piece of cake.

I like to think that Sally was a circus performer in a past life. She spins plates better than any David Copperfield or Criss Angel I've ever seen. Her costumes bring the bizzare characters of Wonderland to life with just the right amount of zest and humor. On top of being the gatekeeper of the Costume Shop she's a tour-de-force on stage as The "real" Queen of Hearts. Bottom-line, Sally is a woman on a mission...and a woman after my own heart.

I don't think I've ever seen Hillary in a bad mood. Even when she's sequestered in the deep, dark sound board cavern she dons a grin that runs a mile wide. Her positive attitude only makes the work environment that much more enjoyable. She's always up for any task that's thrown her way, from painting to making props to getting jiggy with it!

Dan knows lights...(and BBQ suace). Every time I watch the show I'm amazed all over again by his talent. Fo'sho' yo', this dude knows what he's doing. From christmas lights to bulbs to black-light our Wonderland is that much more awe-inspiring because of Dan Gallagher. It's been an honor and a treat to work with this dude.

Sweet as a button and sharp as a whip are two of the many qualities that make Krista Franco the person I want to be when I grow up. She sets out to put up the best show possible. Her attention to detail is impeccable. Just when you think she's completed a project she surprises you by adding another element of genius. A truly well rounded artist, Krista has helped make our Wonderland perfectly "curiouser and curiouser."

In all seriousness. Our Wonderland is what is because of each and every one of these folks! I wish I could take half of the credit for the work you see on stage, but the truth of the matter is that it's all them. I'm stoked to have had the chance to work with them all and even more stoked at the thought of the incredible work they that awaits them in their future endeavors.

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NOTE: This blog post was made possible by the technical savvy of Tania Bukach and Joshua Lee Mikel.

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