Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Switch and Symphony

It's hard to believe that Alice is in it's final week, and the gears are being shifted to focus more on the next and final production of the 2010 BRSTF......Hamlet. Since I had a night free from rehearsal or production, I went over and finally got to sit in on a full Hamlet rehearsal. I was looking forward to seeing the show as I had not been to visit in several weeks and I was excited about being able to take some shots of the process.

a shot of the barn from several weeks ago

I arrived a little before 6 and the grounds around the barn were buzzing with activity. Actors were warming up, props were being placed, chairs set up, and people figuring out where they need to be at the top of the show. I was especially excited since this was the first night that Virgineola (the band) was going to be on site and implementing their role into the show.

Unfortunately some of the band members were a bit delayed so Geoff decided to go ahead and begin rehearsal at the top of the show, knowing that they would stop and go back and work in the band when they all arrived and were set up.

The actors took their places and began running the first act. Right from the start it was obvious that everyone had put a lot of work into the production and I was drawn in. I began firing off the camera but found myself putting it down as it was so interesting to watch the show. Actors were entering and exiting at different points in and around the barn, including the woods surrounding it. I was fascinated.....however I had no idea that the real treat was yet to come.

Soon into the first act the rest of the band arrived and set up their equipment. It was not long before Geoff called "HOLD" to the actors and told everyone to take a 10 minute break. When everyone settled back down, the actors started at the top of the show again, however this time Virgineola began working in their magic.

The Hamlet cast does a super job on their own, and the production was enhanced by what Virgineola brought to the table. Do you ever have those moments when you have been so transfixed or impressed by something that it takes you a few minutes to realize that your mouth has been hanging open and you get a bit embarrassed thinking about the expression on your own face? I had a few of those moments during the run last night and can only imagine how the final production is going to look and sound. At one point, lines were being delivered, music was swelling underneath, dusk was settling in, and I looked up and saw birds flying to and from the barn roof, and for a brief moment it all came together in this incredible harmony. It was pretty awesome and I hope that the patrons get to experience those moments in their own unique way when they come to see the show.

The other element that is beginning to be worked in little by little is lighting. Dan and Claire have been tirelessly working in this crazy heat during the day to get things set up so the lighting design can begin to take effect. It was neat to see how Dan has lit the playing space. Again this will only enhance the show and boost the quality even more.

After the run was over, I sat back and grinned and felt privileged that I got to share the experience with everyone that was in attendance last night. Geoff- thanks for letting me join you all and watch, you should be very proud of this piece you have orchestrated and put together. I know this is going to blow folks away, and all the hard work everyone has put in will pay off when people can come in and take this journey with the Prince of Denmark and the rest of the cast. They just better hold on tight!!

So I hope you have reserved your tickets for this production (that is, right after you book your tickets to Alice in Wonderland if you have not already seen it), because this is one that you won't want to miss!!

Until next time~

Company Manager

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