Monday, July 5, 2010

a few words...

okay, so in addition to the blog i'm going to post within the hour (covering one night in performance of Alice in Wonderland), I just want to say a few words before midnight, so that i don't break endstation's longstanding record of one blog per day.

i can't believe that we're almost a week away from hamlet. geoff and i went out to the barn tonight, where dan and claire were focusing lights (you guys rock!) and it was just cool to see the show starting to come together. tomorrow is our first full run ever with the entire cast, and i'm confident that we've got a strong show on our hands.

working outside has had it's challenges, but i'm pleased with the idea that geoff's vision is unlike any other i've heard of, and i'm anxious to see the audience's response!!!

walter kmiec

(see you in an hour)

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