Friday, July 16, 2010


When I think of Endstation there are many thoughts that come to mind: Friends who have become part of our family. Conversations about movies, weather, fashion and current projects over dinner. The intricate balance of marriage, relationship and passion for the arts. I think about the wonderful people that make up the body of Endstation.

One thing about Endstation that stands out to me is how welcoming the group has been to me, personally. Those who used to be faces in pictures or names in stories have become very dear friends.

To me Endstation is more than a theatre company- it is friendship. It is community.

My first exposure to Endstation was through 2007's The Tell-Tale Heart and The Mind of Poe. My wife, Maria (aka "MAH Company Manager") was that show's stage manager and has been working with Endstation since that time . Through her involvement I have been able to be a part of this awesome company in a variety of capacities: sound engineer (Bluest Water), box office (Midsummer Night's Dream), and currently, musician (Hamlet).

Hamlet. We are now two days into production and the show is awesome. As a part of Virgineola (the band) I have truly enjoyed seeing this show come to life. Providing the undergirding music to a production that has the talent to stand on its own has been incredible. There have been movements created that have touched both performer and audience member alike- myself included. Some of my favorite moments include the fight scenes: where the piece "Contraband Camp" creates a sad and angry tension, and the closing monologue: where "Boyd's Ferry" fills you with a hope that says what seems final may only be an exciting beginning- like saying goodbye to an old friend.

My time with Endstation has been truly inspiring and this production of Hamlet has already proven to be a memorable one- I am excited about this evening's performance and hope to see you there.

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