Saturday, July 2, 2011

Virgin(ia) for the very first time

As a Costume Designer, every show I encounter is filled with new experiences and challenges. It's one of the biggest reasons I do theatre, every show is fresh and exciting. Especially this summer. This is my first time working with Endstation Theatre Company and it has been an incredible experience from the very beginning! The people here are welcoming and kind-hearted. Working with the actors and their costumes has been a joy, starting with fittings for Good Good Trouble on Bad Bad Island...

...To consulting with the actors about hair and makeup backstage before a dress rehearsal for Assassins....

...To disguising Viola as a boy for Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

This is also my first time being in the beautiful commonwealth of Virginia! One of my favorite parts of Endstation Theatre is the way they tie their productions to this region and the land. Twelfth Night is based in turn of the century Appalachia and for my research, I looked at photographs from this region. I traveled to many antique stores throughout the area gathering photos of people who actually lived here in Virginia and other surrounding states.

This is a photograph of a woman from Scottsville, VA. This is one of the main inspirations for my design for Olivia played by Rachel Blomquist.

Below is a photograph of George Tipton Omohundro, Sr. a politician, farmer, and business owner in Albemarle County, Va. Our very own Walter Kmiec will be sporting a similar mustache as Malvolio.

Outdoor theatre is another first for me and I am up to the challenge! I honestly can't wait for opening night, enjoying a splendid production of Twelfth Night against the backdrop of the breathtaking mountains and a Virginian sunset.

That's all for now!

-Sarah Woodworth
Costume Designer

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