Saturday, July 16, 2011

It’s been a great summer so far! I was very proud of the lighting for Assassins and our creative solutions for 12th Night. This was in great part due to excellent help from Skylar and John. Assassins was a monster lighting show that involved a lot of lights and a lot of special wiring projects. Our challenge at the station was pulling power for our lights. We had a lot less power available to us than we did for Hamlet. We started by using the station to power our H.I.D. wash lights, and using a borrowed generator (thanks Rodney) to power our conventional theatrical lighting sources. We put portable dimmers on the booms to control them. We had to use a homemade switch box to control our wash lights since they cannot be dimmed. We lost our final dress rehearsal due to rain and ended up re-running power after our first performance because we were pulling too much amperage from our generator. We are planning to aquire a large trailor mounted entertainment generator for next summer's site specific performances.

Here John works on a wash light that we temporarily attached to the station.

Skylar admires his handiwork.

John and Skylar work on one of our booms which is secured to the station and the caboose.
Our front of house boom withstood a nasty storm!
A high intensity discharge wash light typically used to light a building or parking lot is very efficient for the power it uses.
Here is Skylar's control station. We have an old two-scene preset light board, a 4 channel switch box, and a 2 channel dimmer box.
While I would love to take credit for all the lighting, the sunsets really steal the show.

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