Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Last Days of Twelfth Night

Dear Mom and Dad,
It seems like just yesterday that I arrived at Sweet Briar and I now have to say goodbye. By this time next week I'll be sitting at my desk at work in Chicago convincing myself it was not all just a dream. Here are some pics I've taken of us hanging out backstage. Some of the best people I've ever taken a stage with.

George (our "Feste") tuning his guitar. Which he did constantly when not on stage seducing the audience with his finger picking.

Walter playing online Risk. His obsession courtesy of me. It's been the game of the summer, his handle is Soul Crusher, Michael's is Defender of the Vale.

This baby has been on the set of every Endstation show.

Jessica (our "Viola") getting ready for places. She's pretty.

Krista, our Designer Extraordinaire! She is a genius.

Michael (our "Count Orsino") has a preshow cig. He's always fun to watch and brought humor, sadness, and neurosis to his role. I always feel lucky to share a stage with him.

Walter (our "Malvolio") has the audience fall in love with him every night. He's SUPPOSED to be the show's antagonist... I like living with this guy. He's a beagle, a mensch, and one heck of a good singer. I'll miss our late night attempts at world domination the most.

George, up to his old shenanigans again!

The famed yellow stockings!

George's preshow trance...

Rachael's "Olivia" is grace and femininity defined.

Jessica always makes me smile no matter what she's doing!

Sarah did our costumes and she was WONDERFUL! She dealt with all our silliness with humor and warmth. And she made us all look like rockstars!

Ben our dashing rogue of an intern!

George wanted a prom like photo for the blog for reasons known only to him...

John our easily excitable intern goes over his cues in his head before each show... what a pro!

Catherine (our "Antonia") is a force of nature. Every time I'm around her I want to provoke a laughing attack from her!

To know Rebecca is to love her! Simply put: she is one of the best people on the planet. If you haven't met her: you are missing out!

This is Skyler. I think he might be related to me...

Could NOT stop checking herself out!

Jessica is french for smiley.

This mustache was deemed to much "man" for the show.

Under federal law Jessica can not remove this from her head until the two Bald Eagle eggs in it hatch...

Ties, ties, ties...

Alex (our "Sir Andrew") is awesome. He's a nice guy with some genuine acting talent. Big things are in store for him...

Michael becomes.

Melora (our "Maria") brings such professionalism and love to every performance. How she deals with me every night I have no idea. She's wonderful.

Paige has been so good to us! Here she makes Olivia look gorgeous. Thanks to her I'm not smelled from the stage...

This undated photo was found in a prop box during rehearsal. How curious...

This has been without a doubt one of the best summers of my life. The folks at Endstation are great people doing great things. I'm happy and honored to have been a part of this. I'll return to Chicago a different man. And will always think fondly of this tiny piece of heaven in Virginia.

Send my love to everyone and tell them I'm doing fine. I'm at Endstation.

Your loving son,

Sergio Soltero, Actor, Twelfth Night.

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