Monday, July 18, 2011

Final Week to Humiliate...I mean Sponsor an Artist

Our season is wrapping up, as is the opportunity to Humiliate...I mean Sponsor an Artist. 

Our actors have been working hard all season long, and have sought your love, affection, and cold hard cash through feats of bravery, stupidity, and pure hilarity! 

Just check out Walter aka Chorizo's latest challenge...

Now that's a love of theatre!  Would you get superkicked by a Dojo Master for the theatre?!? 

I didn't think so...

...but you do seem like the type to send $25 to see someone else get superkicked.

Sponsor an Artist right NOW, by clicking here: I want to SPONSOR AN ARTIST today!

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FrocksandFrillsVintage said...

That first picture made me smile :)