Sunday, July 17, 2011

The evenings outdoors

A picture taken by Christine from Ankida Ridge Vineyards, who were with us this Sunday

Well, we are half way through the Twelfth Night run. I really do love these outdoor shows. It is always a bit stressful on my end because we never know how the weather will turn out. We were very blessed to have just completed two beautiful weekends of the show and nature was a fantastic collaborator. Those who joined us were met with pleasant weather, a beautiful view and some great wine provided by Rebec, Lazy Days, and Ankida Ridge.

Gina Welker and Leigh Beasley joined us from D.C

One of the reasons we do outdoor theatre is because it is unique to the live experience. You can't have this kind of experience when watching a film. Nature is a participant. The landscape and the elements become an integral part of the show. Each night, nature has an impact on the experience for the audience. This is exciting and wonderful. We look at the outdoor show as an event and not just a show. Nature, food, wine, and performance. All of these things come together to forge the experience for the audience.

So, we have five more performances to go. Join us. This won't want to be missed.

Geoffrey Kershner
Artistic Director

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