Saturday, July 23, 2011

Endstation Means Family

This blog was incredibly difficult to write. I wasted two days just staring at my computer screen NOT typing anything. I am also notorious for not documenting anything so I had to snatch pictures from friends (Thank You everyone!). It's not that I don't have anything to say; I have a lot to say and I say it all the time. I can pinpoint moments this summer when I just wouldn't shut up. I didn't want to write a mushy, sentimental blog (Maria, that was for you) and we are about to go into strike week for Twelfth Night so I didn't think anyone wanted to hear about screw sorting or paint bucket cleaning.

I would have taken photos last night while we were preparing for rain right before Twelfth Night go time, but I didn't have an extra hand for a camera... no one did. I do have a cut on my knee from taking a dive in the mud, intentionally of course. (You all know that fall wasn't an accident, I am far too graceful) So instead, I am going to state some facts, tell it like it is and shut up again.

Twelfth Night Rehearsal

I love it here. The folks I get to work with are by far the most imaginative, down to earth and brave people I know. Sometimes we are full of energy and sometimes we can't breath because the campus is being groomed. We know what we want. We have purpose. We work well together, we converse, we enjoy each others company. We have a community here who strive to make things happen. We are supported and cared for. We eat. We laugh. We play. We argue and resolve. We take care of each other. We listen. We are a family.

Parker, Dan & Angie

Some of the gang...

Throughout the festival, a number of events and gatherings take place. Some are social company wide festivities, some are fundraising related and some are just small groups of folks getting together to break bread and enjoy a summer evening.

Box Office at Endstation's Station Transformation BBQ

One of our interns, Molly Harper, hosted a bonfire on campus which was such a blast and Friends of Endstation come together to host intern lunches every Friday. Other times we'd just come into work to a fridge full of surprise goodies.

Me, Ashley & Sarah on the Piney

Ben, Rebekah, Molly & Freezie Pops
(old friends keep each other cool)


Rebekah, Molly, Me & Sarah

So, yeah... we're nearing the end of the 2011 Blue Ridge Summer Theatre season. 10 weeks, 4 shows, an amazing staff and oodles of talent. We spend so much time intensely working towards a successful summer and then, well, it's over. Usually around this time everyone gets pretty emotional. Folks will all be returning to their respective lives whether that is back at school or the daily grind near and far from our summer home in Sweet Briar, VA. I realized yesterday that I get to come back every year and knowing that, there is no reason for me to feel sad. I have the memories and friendships that cultivated these past weeks to bring with me back to Connecticut and a strong body of work to propel me into my post season responsibilities.

I might also take a class... on blogging.

If you haven't seen Twelfth Night, tonight is your last chance. Come laugh, play, eat and drink with us. Be a part of the Endstation Family.

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