Friday, July 8, 2011

Ode to Outdoor Theatre

I love Virgina, as do many of the people who live here. Each year, I look forward to the summers at Sweet Briar - to the long walks over the rolling hills, the magical sunsets, and the bright starry nights. The past few months here have been a delight, but I have yet to experience my favorite part of the festival: outdoor theatre.

Let's go ahead and get this out of the way: I am the marketing & communications director for Endstation. Technically, it is my job to promote what we do and make it look fun. Well friends, hear me when I say that this entire blog post, my ode to outdoor theatre, is straight from the heart (excuse the cliche). While it is true that my job entails promoting our events, with outdoor theatre, there is no spin necessary, no gimmick needed. It is one of the most unique and exciting theatrical experiences an audience can . In short: I don't need to try to make this look cool. It just is.

While musicals and small, intimate venues have their own charm for me, the experience of outdoor theatre is like nothing else. If you have ever looked out your window on a beautiful day and thought to yourself "how can I best take advantage of this?" - outdoor theatre is the right answer.

Now, I am a wine lover. I am not what some might call a "wine connoisseur" or even worse, a "wine snob," but simply, a wine lover. I love everything about it - to learn how it is grown, harvested, and fermented. To know that this wine drew its vanilla notes from the French oak it lived in for 2 years, to taste its residual sugar, to learn that it pairs best with spicy thai food or ripe red berries. I love the sound of a cork being popped, or the first pour into the glass. But above all, I love enjoying a crisp Virginia white wine with a picnic in a beautiful setting. With Endstation, I get to do all this with the added bonus of a fantastic live theatrical production, at this year's venue, an unbelievable sunset behind the mountain vista.

I might just explode.

We are so happy to be able to offer you local wine at each performance this year, so you can not only enjoy a glass while you experience Twelfth Night, but you can also learn what Amherst and Nelson Counties have to offer. There is so much great wine in Virginia, and we are happy to bring it to you.

So, here is the purpose of my post: YOU NEED TO DO THIS. It is the perfect way to spend the evening with a partner, your family, a group of friends, or even yourself. I have said it before but I will say it again: this year's venue is incredible, and whether you like wine or not, you will most certainly enjoy the magic and tranquility that your surroundings will provide.

So, if you are now even half as excited as I am, get your tickets today. Reserved section has been selling fast, and is limited.

Finally, bring someone who isn't a "theatre person," along for the ride. If there was ever a show/place/experience to win them over, this is the one.

With love,
Ashley Kershner
Communications Director

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