Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sitzprobe and Sunsets

Here we are midweek smack in the middle of June and we are rolling along nicely. It is amazing to see how everything begins to transform as the days go on. One day you can walk into the theatre and you see a deck, the next day you come in and see this amazing roller coaster of a platform, and the next day something else is added, and so on and so on. The production crew is doing an amazing job of getting the stage ready for Assassins which will open on June 23rd (get ticket information here), which is less than a week and a day away!! The "tech" process began today, which is where all of the elements that have been working separately will come together to fit all of the puzzle pieces in order to make this magical picture of a show. Lights, sound, live music, cues, costumes, props, etc.... will all be combined this week. It can be a slow process sometimes, but all of the painstaking, detail work will pay off when the show opens and the audience members are swept up in this journey with the characters on stage. 

Last night was the "Sitzprobe" or in other words the first time that the cast and orchestra came together to rehearse. I stepped into the theatre after they had started and was blown away by the sound. You may think I am biased but believe me when I tell you that this cast and musicians have talent oozing off that stage, it was pretty incredible. Our fantastic music director would patiently stop and start both the singers and musicians, go back and re-work parts until things were just right. There is still more to be done, but it was a good start.

After I watched the rehearsal for a bit I snuck out and headed over to the Twelfth Night site, I had not gotten a chance to see any of the rehearsals yet and I was excited to watch for a bit. I pulled up to the train station and heard the cast before I saw them. I started to get really excited thinking about all the wonder of an outdoor production and just how fun it can be. Audiences will have a fantastic time when they come to see the production in July (ticket info here). I snuck around the corner of the train station and watched from a far for a little while before heading back around and taking a seat front and center. 

The cast was great, I cracked up a bunch of times and really enjoyed watching them play. I can't wait to see more of the show especially when costumes, props, and other elements are added. The set is going to awesome, and you can help make it happen by donating to our Station Transformation campaign. In the meantime the cast is doing a great job putting this production together, and despite the annoying gnats, heat, and random animals that might run through the set when rehearsing they all are having a good time and are getting excited to share with the audiences in less than a month!

So make sure to spread the word about these two fantastic productions, and of course don't forget to reserve your tickets in advance (you can do that here).

Till next time~
Company Manager

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