Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Attention Has Been Paid"

This evening we will head into the final dress rehearsal/preview night of our 2011 production of Stephen Sondheim's Assassins. Some last touch ups to the set have been made, all props are in places, costumes are set, and any bugs that needed to be worked out have been taken care of. Just yesterday if you looked around at the audience seating you would see various "tech tables" spread through the theatre. (Tech tables are basically mock tables made for each of the production members to sit at during the technical process.) All of the tables, cords, plugs, etc... have been cleaned up and the seats now sit (ha ha...ahem) waiting for some guests that may be with us this evening, and of course will be ready for opening night tomorrow night (there are still some tix available, and you can get them here) plus the following days of opening weekend. I do hope that you plan to join us for at least one or more of the nine performances.

Everyone who is involved with this production from design team to cast, to orchestra, to crew have all worked tirelessly in order to make this one of the best shows endstation has produced to date (and that's sayin something as endstation has done some pretty incredible work).This is also our first musical and it has been pretty neat to watch everything unfold, from auditions, to final dress.

As the title implies, there are guns used in the show (let me clarify that these are all prop guns made specifically for use in a theater production). I have the privilege of serving as the "gun wrangler" for this show and I have enjoyed getting to work with the cast members that I didn't already know previously. I take care of all of the guns, cleaning them, making sure they are stored in a secure location every night, loading them up, and making sure I know where every single gun is at all times when being used. I also get the fun responsibility of firing all the off stage gun shots throughout the show. This also means I get to sit directly off stage so I have a pretty good vantage point to see most of the show, for the other parts, I just listen and enjoy.

I am looking forward to opening night tomorrow, there is always a special kind of energy and excitement that spreads throughout to everyone involved. You can feel the cast getting excited to perform in front of an audience, and everyone needs to be on their toes and bringing their best game to the table. It's a nervous energy....a good energy....full of adrenaline and anticipation. There is energy before and during every performance but there is really something special about opening night, and I am excited for everyone that will be joining us for it.

Check out this great trailer made by Walter Kmiec (who plays Sam Byck) where you will see all of our actors that are part of the production, you may even catch some familiar faces. This production is brimming with talent and I promise you will not be disappointed by what you see.

So make sure to get your tickets for this weekend or next, and we will see you soon!

Till next time~
(Company Manager)

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