Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Postcard from Camp

Dear Mom and Dad,

Endstation Theatre sure has been fun this year! And busy. Which is why I haven’t called that much… SO I thought I send you some pics and show you what I’ve been up to!

<- This is me as "Larry". He's sort of the narrator and host of Good Good Trouble on Bad Bad Island. This play was the children's play we did and it was lots of fun!

When I first got here I got to stay at the Brown’s house.
They have a nice house and really cool dogs.

This is James Brown.

And this is Corn Dog. (Cuz he‘s so fat he looks like a corn dog!)

After we stayed at the Browns we stayed at the “Guest House”. This is where boys who visit Sweet Briar College stay as “guests”. This house is also ‘home’ to over 22 species of spiders and 32 varieties of mosquito. We would sit around after rehearsal and come up with new names for them.
My favorite: Romeo. I found him in my bed!

After that I got to stay at Carson which is dorm here on campus. I just loved it there! There was ten or twelve of us in the same building and we would have dinner together and sing songs and get caught in the rain together!

Of course it hasn’t been just hanging out - we’ve also been doing a lot of work too!
This is my Director Geoff (left) and our Count Orsino discussing Twelfth Night's finer points.

And this is our performance space for Good Good. They painted the floor just for us!

This is Melissa and she was really good at taking down ALL her rehearsal notes.

Here George, one of our actors, is running lines with the Umber Goat. Those two are bound for fame!

Good Good toured local schools and Walter (in the helmet) had to drive us- which wasn't always the best idea...

This is Skyler, one of our interns. Many things surprise him...

This is Jessica, our Viola, nothing surprises her...

This is Parker. She's Endstation's first baby and unofficial mascot. She love's her binky!

Well that 's it for now. I miss you guys. Tell everyone I say hello and I'm having a great time!
I hope you liked my pics and I promise to call more often!

With all my love,
Sergio Soltero

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