Friday, June 3, 2011

Moving On

Here we are, in the middle of performances and I'm taking a moment to look to the past as well as the future. You are probably aware that we are currently running our production of Joshua Mikel's play Good Good Trouble on Bad Bad Island this week and if you're not, well now you are! (Tickets are still available people! GET EM! ) We've had an absolute blast from start to finish.

How We Stretch

Endstation put together a remarkable group of people to make this production happen and the process has been truly delightful. We've all meshed so well and the creativity ran rapid through the small studio everyday. We had the honor of performing in found spaces as well in front of young audiences in surrounding schools and to share what we've worked on with so many children was a blessing to us all. The best part is that we all know the playwright well and I think he will be beyond excited to see the finished product this weekend! (I hope...)

Sexy Larry

Typical George

Performances are coming to a close but there's little time to focus on the memories because Assassins is already underway. Time to switch focus and throw everything I've got at Assassins! Luckily, some of the work has already been done. We got an early start for some of us as we prepared for the Broadway in the Blue Ridge benefit concert. Talk about a dream for so many of us, to get to sing with Broadway Star Sean MacLaughlin, pretty awesome. Again, something I wouldn't have experienced without Endstation.

Kathryn Williams, Me and Mr. Randall Speer Rehearsing

In that show, the audience was given a taste of what's to come in our production of Assassins. I cannot WAIT to get this show going. I have to share with you that, once again, the assembled cast is so good, it's down right ridiculous. Everyone is so well suited for their roles.... it's slightly frightening at times(Seriously, the girl playing Sara Jane Moore = scary good). You'll also be happy to know that almost the entire cast is made up of local and community actors. Rehearsals have been intense and incredible to watch. We finally get onstage tomorrow thanks to our sensational crew composed of staff and interns (they have worked their butts off ) and I can't wait to see it all take shape and for you to see the finished product.

Look, Dustin sang well enough for Chad to stop texting!

Soon I go back to my day job while just rehearsing in the evenings but the experience has been splendid so far and I'm sure it will only get better. I've enjoyed my time with Endstation immensely, I can't really put it into words but I hope that I'll be able to return for years to come. As the Production Coordinator for a different theatre company, Wolfbane Productions, I must also thank Endstation for their constant support in our endeavors as well. It's pretty phenomenal to have theatre companies like this in Central Virginia. Thanks guys and here's to many seasons to come!

Aaron "Patches" Farr

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