Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another Great Beginning

June 11th, really, already? The college I taught at let out just under a month ago, and already we have opened two wonderful shows. And in just a mere four days we begin our technical rehearsals for our musical, Assassins. I have worked in a variety of summer theatres, both big and small, and it always seems my summers with Endstation tend to go just a bit quicker than the others.

Though only my second season, we have pushed the envelope farther than I thought possible. It seems that everything this year is larger and more extravagant. And in the end, I believe the payoff will be exceptional. Assassins set fills the entire stage, with strong imagery and imagination. Krista Franco, the scene designer, has outdone herself coming up with a set that not only looks wonderful, but becomes almost a character itself. But, though the design is wonderful, and the show is exciting, it wouldn't happen without our three musketeers.

Ben, Rebecca, and Molly (in that order above) have proven to be wonderful interns who have made the season a success so far. Their hard work, and strong self motivation makes each day go smoothly. I have been doing theatre now for over 17 years now in one way or another, and it is their type of joy doing the art, and willingness to push harder than they have before, that makes me happy for choosing the career I have.

One of the best parts of what Endstation does during the summer is the intern program. We are able to hire students to come in and work on professional shows all summer. And I get to continue to impart just a little bit of knowledge to the next generation. If it wasn't for those that taught me before, then I may never have made it this far, and I just hope that our interns get the same positive experiences that I did.

As you can see, we keep them busy in the shop. Though with the icy pops hanging in front of them, they are easily motivated. It never is a dull day in the theatre for us, and I don't think I'd have it any other way.

Terry Dana Jachimiak II
Technical Director

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