Saturday, June 19, 2010

"We're All Mad Here!" or "If Costumes Could Talk"

Tania Bukach revels in costume madness

As most people recognize, we theater folk are a bit mad, in a manner of speaking. We gravitate to the unique, think not just out of the box but sometimes out of time and space, deprive ourselves of sleep and food for our craft. So, if you happen to be around Babcock over the next few weeks, you will recognize some signs of madness going on all over. But, come down the rabbit hole to the costume shop and experience our own special kind of madness.

Endstation intern Tania Bukach has been madly cutting, sewing, and fighting the serger. Nancy Kershner volunteered to sew for the show, and ever since, she has been having mad dreams by attacking vests with a seam ripper. Jen Staton graciously volunteered to sew several period jackets ... she must be mad, yes? And, I have finally finished the madness of the two-hour commute and am now fully immersed in costume wonderland.

Nancy Kershner's collection of vests - Part 1

But why, you might ask, are we so mad about Alice? Without giving away too much, here is a teaser of what you will see in Alice in Wonderland. As director, Susan has came up with a wealth of images and ideas for this wonderland world. Then, Krista layered her own magical, colorful scenic designs, and Dan suggested some amazing and amazingly creative lighting surprises. So, the costume fun comes in creating those endearing yet a bit mad characters that everyone knows so well. Since color is so dominant in the set, costume accents will stand out in primarily black and white, but with a variety of patterns and textures, particularly for the royal court. The furry, scaly, hard-shelled creatures in Wonderland are colorful in costume as well as in character. And to put minds at rest, Alice is, indeed, wearing blue (wouldn't anyone mad over that).

Blacks and whites !

To further the madness, we have collected costumes and accessories from over five resources in and around the area. If costumes could talk, some of these would have stories to tell about shows they have appeared in and who has worn them (Of course, when the shop lights are off, no one is there to hear their conversations). Some audience members may have a moment of recognizing several of these costumes - it's not madness - costumes have multiple lives.

"I have appeared often on stage, and one of my former actresses is wearing me again."

So, back to sewing...we hope audiences will enjoy the wild ride in Wonderland! Come join us in the madness!

We're all mad as Hatters here!

Next up: Sweating in Hoops and Wool

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