Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Endstation Spotlight: Katie Thomas (Alice herself)

The place: Columbia, South Carolina. The date: Sunday November 16, 1986. Audrey Denise Thomas was going about business as usual.... little did she know the spinach casserole she was eating for lunch would cause her labor to begin , and in just a few short hours a 6 pound beautiful baby girl would make her grand entrance into this world. John Charles Thomas and his wife were ecstatic and couldn't be prouder of the new little bundle of blessing in their lives.

Let me take a moment to introduce you to Cathryn Olivia Thomas, to us she is Katie ("with a K"), and soon to the incoming patrons she will be known simply as "Alice". Katie has come in, swept the stage, and is doing an amazing job portraying this fun and curious character.

We took a few moments before rehearsal and I asked Katie some questions to get an idea of the festival from her perspective:

What were your expectations coming into the festival?

"Honestly, I didn't have too many expectations, since Endstation and the festival were new to me. I was just hoping to come in and soak it all up. I was looking forward to a new experience and I was ready to enjoy every minute of it."

Ok, so how has the festival experience been thus far, and how has it met your expectations (or lack of expectations)?

"It has been great, this is my first semi-professional gig, and I am having a lovely time. Everyone here is so talented, which can be intimidating but also has caused me to push myself to a higher level. I love the fact that everyone here is so diverse, that has been a breath of fresh air. I have really enjoyed getting to learn from new people, and I feel like I am kid in an ice cream shop where I can pick all different flavors to enjoy on the same cone...or basically it is a Prothro buffet"

What has your favorite festival memory been thus far?

"oh that's a hard one, there are some many to choose from...hmm...Michael's (Michael Stablein Jr.) master class I took with him for two hours the other day was amazing....or maybe when Josh (Mad Hatter) pours water on my head during the show.....although I have to admit being "forced" to sing karaoke makes the top of the list at this point"

(we will forgive the fact that Katie is a Yankees fan...blah...GO RED SOX!!)

What has been the funnest thing about playing Alice?

"being able to have a childish imagination again, seeing things in a new way. Not many people get the chance after they grow up to go back and look through a child's lens and play"

You are a recent college graduate (Spring 2010), so what do you hope to do after the festival ends?

"Well.....first i have to find a job...but eventually I would like to work professionally in theatre or film, and really enjoy what I am doing "

Well.....Katie I would say you are really enjoying what you are doing currently, and I think I speak for all of us when I say we have thoroughly enjoyed working with you. It has been neat to watch you make all sorts of discoveries throughout the show. Your smile and cheerful spirit are a joy for everyone, and you bring a special light to Alice. Kudos to you, and I hope you continue enjoying the adventure!

To all of you readers, I know you won't want to miss out on seeing this lovely lady along with the rest of the cast perform in this magical show that is Alice in Wonderland. I hope you all can join us for one or more of the performances between July 1- 11 (get your tickets here), and take a trip down the rabbit hole!

Until next time!

Company Manager

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