Wednesday, July 15, 2009

tonight, we take time to pause.

We are at the point in the summer where we start pressing on the brakes, never wanting summer like these to come to a close. We have rehearsed and brought to life some beautiful stories. We are sharing them with audiences. We are creating memories that we will never ever forget. And even though it is MOST DEFINITELY not time to say goodbye. We still have many a show to share. YOU SHOULD COME AND SEE THEM IF YOU HAVE NOT. THEY ARE WONDERFUL SHOWS. TRULY, TRULY.

Tonight, I received an email from Geoff that mentioned Karl Tamburr. We take time to pause and remember a dear friend and lovely human.

Karl Tamburr was a part of Sweetbriar, a part of Endstation and has a very special place in many hearts. Last summer, he played my father in Romeo and Juliet, Lord Capulet. And he did a wonderful job. I wish I could go into detailed memories. One that I will share is... I walked out of rehearsal one day early on and said "See ya later pops!" and lingered to see if I would get a response. There was not a verbal one. I had just met Karl, and hadn't quite figured him out yet. The next time I came into rehearsal, I was having allergies and had a small cough. Karl came right up to me while I was warming up and started giving me remedies. "This is no time to get sick," he said with a smile. It's a small thing, but he let me call him pops, and I took the remedies from my summer dad. I wish that he could be here this summer to see all the great things Endstation is doing and to meet all these crazy kids we have running around this time.

This summer, due to the Karl Tamburr Memorial fund, myself, Walter Kmiec and Sergio Soltero are able to be here sharing our love for the theatre. We've been busy. Having a blast. Working hard. And laughing hard. And enjoying every moment.

natalie caruncho

walter kmiec

walter kmiec and sergio soltero

natalie caruncho and sergio soltero

walter kmiec

natalie caruncho

Thank you Karl.


-Natalie Caruncho (Juliet for the night)

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