Sunday, July 5, 2009


Greetings. Intern agent 00786214593 AKA Melissa reporting: What do we interns do you might ask? Well in order to find out the answer, you must join me undercover in my mission of A DAY IN THE LIFE OF AN ENDSTATION INTERN. This process usually requires a rigorous series of tests followed by a full brain scan. However, thanks to the amazing technology available to us today (known as "the internet"), we're able to skip that and get down to business. If you feel you are worthy enough to view this highly privileged information, full of shocking twists and turns, and tales that would make a normal person swoon, read on...

0930 HOURS- Its go time: With no time to spare, I jump out of bed to get ready for the day. Once my work clothes are on, I slowly open the blinds on my windows to make sure that the coast is clear. When I feel that there has been no overnight invasion, I secure my theater survival backpack on my back (which holds scripts, notebooks, food, writing utensils, camera, small explosives, etc) and I'm out the door prepared for a new mission.

1000 HOURS- I have arrived at the base of operations. My commanding officer, Krista, briefs me on my assignment for the next 2 hours.

These missions can become quite extensive and requires severe concentration and perseverance. Previous missions have included everything from set construction, to costumes, to even braving the vicious black hole of the "internet" to find secret gadgets or "props"needed for our shows.

1230-1330 HOURS- Lunch. VERY IMPORTANT

1330-1600 HOURS- Once my hunger has been satisfied I report back to the base of operations where my next Officer in Command Geoff takes charge.

Mission "My Brother's Knife" begins. This mission is an ongoing case, still in the process of being developed. Our gumshoe Josh Mikel has discovered evidence to an event that seems to have happened in Amherst country around 1983. In order for us to make sense of this event, we've hired three Private Eyes whose job is to reenact what we know of the case in order to discover problems and expand on the meaning of this event. As Stage Manager of this endeavor, my job is to make sure everything runs smoothly. Thanks to the spectacular work of Detectives Kmiec, Soltero, and McCrory, Josh has been able to revise his work with a detailed record of the case which will be opened to the public on July 12th.

1600-1730 HOURS Dinner. YUM

1730 HOURS- A Midsummer Night's Dream rehearsals begin with our fearless leader Ryan.

It is through this rehearsal process that I learn valuable skills such as charecter development, secret identities, and the art of hiding a face with hair. The art of disguise is a very important skill one must possess as an agent. Therefore, Ryan makes sure that I am constantly on my feet by making me talk in foreign dialects while researching three different identities to combine into one. Although some of this work may seem tedious, I like to consider it my recreational time.

This is the time of night that I get to gallivant around our glorious outdoor staging area and not only go undercover as Robin Starveling but I also get to play fairies with some of my wonderful new friends.

Yes, time truly seems to fly by during these few hours. (ha...ha...ha.. *cry*).

2200 HOURS- Another successfully day as an Endstation Theatre Intern. After I send out my report to my higher ranking officers about updates in my mission, I am off to relax at cabin 5.

So, I hope you have all enjoyed you glimpse into a day in the life of an Endstation Intern. I would have never sat down and wrote this if it weren't for my piles and piles of fan-mail asking me to tell my tale. (Editor's Note - Melissa was selected to be this week's guest blogger. She had no choice.) I do it for you, dear readers! Until next time!


Agent 00786214593
- Melissa

*Some pictures compliment of Detective Soltero!*

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