Saturday, July 11, 2009

Many Hands...This One's For You!

In the flurry of performers learning lines, blocking, and finally showing the audience the final, polished production, the lights behind the scenes have been burning long past rehearsal and performance times to provide props, sets, costumes, and set dressing for both A Midsummer Night's Dream and My Brother's Knife. The core design and production team - Geoff, Krista, Dan (and Angie), Drew, Ashley, and I - with the help of many volunteers (some of them actors, too!) have been scavenging, sewing, building, painting, hanging and focusing, adjusting sound levels, and selling tickets. Two shows up and one to open tomorrow.

The MND running crew (Rebecca, Dana, and David) prepare for a midsummer night in the dell.

Emily Garbee works her incredible hair and make-up magic on Natalie and others in MND.

Maria has a late-night tango with an unidentified body (after sewing his seams) - does Luke know about this?

Serging Natalie!

Derek and Tania create fairy costumes and a beautiful wall.

Costume designer and theatre friend Karen Myers helps Krista with sewing for MBK.

Krista, we see you hiding behind that thigh.

So many people have come by to help, and even the simplest, shortest tasks can complete a job. Thanks to many hands, the Festival has offered audiences the joy of experiencing exciting and creative live theatre. Thanks to each of you for your part in this collaboration....we could not have done it without you.


Sally Parrish Southall


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