Friday, July 25, 2008

...That's a Wrap!!

It's hard to believe that just a mere five months ago, we were setting up and eagerly waiting and anticipating the arrival of the first individuals that would come to audition for the 2008 Blue Ridge Summer Theatre Festival. Who would come out? How many would come out? Did we spread the word enough? Were there enough copies of the audition scripts? These and a million other questions went through our minds as the first smiling faces came through the lobby doors at Babcock on the Sweet Briar Campus.

We were enthralled by all the amazing talent that the Directors had to choose from, and after a couple of days of auditions and the Directors pouring over the roles, we had our casts. Casting in March gave the opportunity for everyone to continue preparing and know what the schedule for the summer would look like. Rehearsals did not actually begin until late May, and everyone jumped in with both feet.

Both productions continued to roll on as all the elements started to come together, the actors were continuing with rehearsals, the production team meeting and planning different aspects of both shows. All the while getting more and more excited as opening night for both productions approached, when we would finally be able to share the finished product with the patrons.

There are so many different elements that go into making a production what it is, one of the most exciting aspects is the transformations that take place:

From this to this

From this to this

As the end approaches there are mixed emotions all around. Although we may be a tad tired, it is all worth it for what has been accomplished this summer. As one can see from previous posts the sentiments are bitter-sweet as the summer comes to a close. Some are looking forward to the next chapter of 2008 and others not so much. No matter where each individual is at, one thing is for sure, and that is that everyone brought their game face to the table, ready to work, and gave their best efforts, this has been reflected by the quality of the festival. From the box office to the set, from the costumes to the stunning actor performances, all elements no matter how big or small, contributed to an amazing experience.

When sitting back and reflecting on the summer, I would not trade this first Blue Ridge Summer Theatre Festival experience for anything. Did we learn things? Of course? Will there be changes in how some things are done? Probably. Would I do it all over? Absolutely!! To be able to sit back and know that you were part of an experience that touched so many people in so many unique ways, is something to be proud of.

We are looking forward to finishing strong, and are excited to see what the years ahead bring!!

So to everyone that was involved in the very first Blue Ridge Summer Theatre Festival, I tip my hat and raise my glass to you and shout a hearty WELL DONE!!

Maria Hayden
Endstation Blogger and Production Stage Manager

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