Friday, July 11, 2008

Dan's thoughts

I can't believe the shows are open! It has taken a lot of work to get there, more than I thought actually. As a designer I usually have a crew of electricians working with me, but I didn't have that luxury here. It took a while to hang, circuit, color, and focus all of the lights before I could begin to record different lighting looks into the light board. I couldn't have done it with out some key people... so I want to shout out to Ingrid, Krista, David, Brian and JD.

I would also like to give a special thanks to EC Glass, and Randolph College for letting us borrow extra equipment. We also had some technical hurdles to jump along the way... like several blackouts which pitched us into darkness, and confused our computer lighting controls. Here I improvised by using a large theatrical lamp to light the scene shop during a blackout.

Romeo and Juliet was the easiest show to tech for lighting... All natural.

I think I can speak for the Bluest Water design team in saying that we would have liked another day to tech the show. There are several complex sequences where there are lighting effects, projections, sound and scenic cues that have to be called close together. Thankfully we have Maria as our stage manager. We spent a 6 hour tech session just working the first two minutes of the play. I think we came up with a great visual language for the show and were able to create some stunning imagery.

I head back to NYC tomorrow, but have had a great time with the Endstation fam. I head a great time working with all the actors, have a great run!!! I also want to send a special thanks to Geoff for bringing me on and letting me do my thing.

Dan Gallagher
Endstation Blogger and Lighting Designer

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