Thursday, July 3, 2008

And we roll on....

Things are really starting to heat up as we head into implementing the "tech" elements of the productions into the two shows. Alot of the transitions and action for the Bluest Water will be communicated through the lighting, and Dan Gallagher (Lighting Designer) is continuing to work and create his part of the story through his lighting design for this show.

We were excited as Bryce Page (sound designer) arrived on Wed afternoon and jumped right in with recording and editing his sound creation for The Bluest Water. Thursday afternoon will be the first time the lighting and sound will begin to intertwine as we start putting the pieces together.

Krista Franco (Scenic Designer) has been hard at work completing her concept and creation of the set for the Bluest Water, she is currently in the process of applying the paint treatment to the set which will enhance the look and feel of the show.

Over at Romeo and Juliet, the implementation of guns and fire torches has begun and the cast has begun to work with the "props" that will be actually used during the show.

Both casts are gearing up to head into last set of rehearsals before we open next Wed (July 9th) for The Bluest Water and Thursday (July 10th) for Romeo and Juliet.

Costumes are here, all the designers are here, tech elements are being added and refined, the final details are coming together, and we are all excited to head into the home stretch of the rehearsal process. Opening night will be very sweet as the fruit of every one's labor will be reveled to the public.

Hope to see you there.

Maria Hayden
Endstation Blogger and Production Manager

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