Monday, July 7, 2008

On your mark.. Get set...for Romeo & Juliet!!!

Today's final dress rehearsal was sadly rained out :-(.. so we were forced to re-locate to the lobby of the Babcock building. However, once there, rehearsal went VERY well. While in costume, but without props in hands, we boldly pressed forward, despite the inconvenient location and less-than ideal circumstances. As far as acting quality goes, I found that this was actually one of the best rehearsals I've seen.

We are approaching the opening of the show, and everything is going great!! I am left in awe and amazement after witnessing just how far the cast and crew have come in just the few short weeks that I have been coming to rehearsals. I am flat out amazed at everybody's stamina and up-lifting positive attitude.

Capulet and Montague fighting it out!!!

Paris inquiring about his suit with Capulet's daughter

Romeo and Benvolio discussing love....

While rehearsing, Bill was keeping a very close eye on the sky, while Maria was checkin' out the Doppler forecast on the web. Just before intermission, although the rain had temporarily subsided, Bill made the executive decision to finish rehearsal in doors..and so we continued with high spirits!!!

The actors did a great job handling the hassles of being in the lobby, without props, as well as having to dance without the music.. Sorry about that guys :-(...Great job though!!

The rehearsal process has made drastic improvements since I have been a witness. I believe that the show is now ready for the addition of the most critical element.. the Audience!! I am greatly looking forward to opening night and I have no doubts in my mind that this show is going to be an amazing performance.

Brian Scott Chaitin
Production Apprentice

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