Monday, July 14, 2008

Spotlight on Brian Chaitin!

Brian Chaitin, our June Savior, has been serving as the ASM for both shows, as well as an actor in "The Bluest Water," the sound "board" op for R&J, and a general handyman for the festival. I asked Brian some questions and, as it turns out, he does a lot more than just behind-the-scenes work: his list of theatre-related interests and skills is about as endless as it gets in the business.

Brian, reciting lines for an actor in what looks like the balcony scene. A rose by any other name, eh?

Brian first jumped into the world of theatre at a young age and as an actor. After being cast as Joseph (take a guess as to what show), he discovered a love for musical theatre. The show was being put on at his Temple in West Palm Beach, FL. His "most rewarding experiences" have been "working for [his] temple and doing community theatre." Brian then auditioned for a magnet arts high school and got accepted, which kept him doing theatre throughout high school. However, he'd tired of it by the time he was headed to FSU. He declared mechanical engineering as his major, and stayed in the program for two years before switching to the theatre major.

Brian gets a talking-to from Maria.

Brian's skills run the gamut. We've seen him mainly as an ASM and part-time techie, and acting was his first theatrical passion, but he also enjoys (and can "perform" in) construction, lighting, costuming, and directing. He hopes this will keep him out of restaurants and away from waiting on tables, allowing him to hop from theatre job to theatre job, in and out of his various roles.

Brian and Shelbie at the opening night of "The Bluest Water"--also Brian's birthday!

Brian got involved with Endstation after Geoff, previously a teacher of his at FSU, offered Brian an "internship-like" position with the theatre company. It was exactly what Brian had been looking for, and come June, he headed up to Virginia to join us. It's been one of the most "rewarding and educational" experiences for him thus far, and he's been enjoying his time here. That, in no small part, is due to his largely attractive casts. "I have met some great people," he said, "and have seen some fantastic scenery...both onstage and off!"

Kirin McCrory
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