Sunday, June 29, 2008

TV, Radio, Paint, Gel, Sledge Hammering, and La Carreta

Brian, David, Krista, and Ingrid prepare for junk collection

This week is dedicated to our tireless production crew...before that though...a general announcement:

The festival will be making an appearance on "Living in the Heart of Virginia" tomorrow (Monday, June 30th at 12:30pm) on WSET. This will be for RandJ. On Monday, July 7th...The Bluest Water will be featured.

The festival will make another appearance on "Studio Virginia" on WVTF Public Radio on Thursday (July 3rd) at 7:30pm. You can also listen to it online after Thursday at:

Here they super heroes...

Brian and JD at work

David and Krista put walls into place

JD and Dan on the fly rail

Krista painting set elements


Mailing Krista to crazy town...

Krista and JD discuss placement of set elements

Some of the debris collected for the set

Last but not least...a production trip to THE CART

I would be no where with out this crew. Thank you all so much.

Geoffrey Kershner
Endstation Blogger and Artistic Director

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