Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Spotlight on Maria Hayden

Maria is probably the most familiar face for all those involved with the Blue Ridge Summer Theatre Festival. She is tireless and my hero. She is the one in charge, the main cheese, and with out her all would fall down. Maria is our Production manager. She keeps us all on task and I am not sure what I would do with out her.

Maria began working with the Endstation Theatre Company in spring of 2007 as the Production Stage Manager for The Tell Tale Heart and the Mind of Poe. This production performed at Sweet Briar, in Lynchburg, Charlottesville, and in DC at the Capital Fringe Festival. This was no small under taking. After the production, I approached Maria about becoming a permanent member of the company. Maria has since contributed to the company in different capacities such as stage management, fundraising, administrative duties, and production management.

Maria originally hails from South Jersey. Living right outside of Philadelphia and having attended different productions in Center City provided the opportunity to develop a love for the arts at a young age. This is another link for Maria and I because I went to college in Center City Philadelphia. I was also an apprentice at the Arden Theatre Company where Maria saw many productions. Often Maria and I will reminisce about Philadelphia and productions in the city.

Maria has been involved with various theatre, dance, and music productions both onstage and off for as long as she can remember. She was involved with JRP in Center City, Philadelphia and had the honor of being awarded a scholarship to the New York School of Film and Television after auditioning for them at the age of 16. Life had other plans and Maria landed in upstate New York after high school where she attended WOLBI for two years and had the privilege of being a part of and eventually directing the Selah Drama Team from 2000-2002.

Maria made the move the Lynchburg, Virginia in late 2002. She now lives in the burg with her awesome husband Luke. Since her move to this area Maria has been heavily involved with local community productions. Maria is looking to get her MFA in stage management in the next couple of years.

We love you Maria!

Geoffrey Kershner
Endstation Blogger and Artistic Director

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Lady Dulcinea said...

Maria is the BEST! I am always happy to work with her in ANY capacity. You're doing a great job. I don't tell you enough!