Friday, June 13, 2008

Lighting Process

As part of my design process I have created several light renderings as a jumping off point for further discussions among the design team. I have reached this point in my process after reading the script, talking with the production team, doing a lot of reading and research, and also my personal experience growing up in Amherst. My goal with these sketches was to create a rough sense of color, mass, contrast, focus, and environment. Because lighting is an ephemeral medium that is difficult to show without the scenery, actors, and costumes finished, the sketches help visualize some of my ideas mid way through my process.

I created these by using watercolor over a scenic sketch that Krista created. One of the things that the team discussed was creating two distinct visual worlds one for the present and one for 1969. I am hoping to achieve this through the use of color, direction, and texture.

Unfortunately it is very difficult to convey movement in still images. The passage of time is important to the show, and there will be moments where the cuing is very fluid, other times when it is completely still, and a few more moments that are chaotic.

The next part of my process is creating the drafting from which we will hang and circuit the lights for the show. It involves calculating the angles of light, intensity, and power needs of the different equipment we will use. I have been working in Charleston, SC for two months and am looking forward to diving in headfirst to the festival! Endstation has a unique production process that allows for the designers to create the show in space with the director and actors as the show develops. Most shows I work on get thrown together in a short period of time, but with this festival we have a bit more time to experiment. I have found that this extra time always ends with a better show.

Dan Gallagher
Endstation Blogger and Company Lighting Designer

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