Monday, June 23, 2008

The many hats that I proudly wear

Since my arrival at Sweet Briar College, and participation in the Endstation Theatre Company's Summer Festival, I have had the privilege of working with an extremely talented and dedicated team of artists. Over the Summer, Geoffrey Kershner was generous enough to allow me to come up from South Florida and work with his Theater company. He presented me with the opportunity to explore numerous different jobs and tasks for this Summer's Festival. From being Assistant Stage Manager for Romeo & Juliet, to being a builder, electrician, and actor for Bluest Water, I have had the unique opportunity to explore my many different interests in the many fields of Theatre, as well as utilize and apply my Theatre education to practical and creative applications.

The rehearsal process has been exciting and educational. Every rehearsal has been fun to watch and participate in

The wonderful, creative, and talented behind-the-scene Heroes that make it all happen...Dan is probably somewhere overhead working his magic with the lights

Here is Bill Kershner (Director of Romeo & Juliet), leading and guiding his hard-working actors in a physical warm-up exercise that is sure to energize any performer

In this video, Michael Stablein is leading the cast of R&J in a much needed Vocal and breathing warm-up. This ensures that each actor has good breath support, and that their Vocal Chords are warmed-up, that on the RARE occasion that an actor shouts out "LINE!" to me, they are sure not to injure their voice. ;~)

From my very first day here, everyone that I have met has gone out of their way to make me feel very comfortable and right at home. I truly could not have wished for a better hands-on learning experience or a better group of people to work and collaborate with. My greatest and most sincere Thank You goes out to everyone for their hospitality and for their passionate attitudes towards the work that we all love so much!!!! It has truly been my great honor and pleasure to have met so many new and wonderful people.....Break a Leg!

Brian Chaitin
Endstation Blogger

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Geoffrey Kershner said...

I love how actors always look like mental patients when they warm up...legalized insanity...legalized insanity...;)