Monday, June 30, 2008

Spotlight on: Ken Parks...A Man who knows the biz!!!

What does it take to be able to serve as the Chair of the Theatre department at Randolph College, as well as Produce and teach classes at Randolph College in Directing and Design, create websites that promote Theatre and other Arts, build a shed for his backyard, and still have enough energy and time to act in two major plays for The Endstation Theatre Company's Blue Ridge Summer Theatre Festival???

Ask the creative and talented artist who does it ALL and much more.....
Mr. Ken Parks!!
Ken Parks started his career right out of college. He began at the Nashville's Academy Theatre and within a year was promoted to Resident Director and Technical Director. Not a bad first gig huh??... Its darn impressive! In order to earn his opportunity to teach college courses, Ken decided to go back and earn his MFA in Theatre Arts in 1990.
Ken Parks and Casey Carden in rehearsal for Bluest Water

Ken rehearsing Friar Laurence in Romeo & Juliet
In the past, Ken has explored different job opportunities such as traveling around the country as a portrait photographer, as well as a Summer as a tour guide through the Canadian Rockies and Alaska. Next, Ken utilized his math skills to land a job running an accounting office so that he could stay for a couple years in Jackson, Wyoming and the Grand Teton National Park. If you've been to the Rockies you might understand why. Further down the road, Ken tried his hand in film (video) production for a while, but his response to the film game was: "It just wasn't Theatre".

One of Ken's goal's is to run a professional Theatre one day. He adds: "But that's mostly so I could hire all the great people I've been able to work with over the years (and pay them what they're worth) and keep making Theatre happen."

I asked Ken, How has your experience with Endstation Theatre Comp. been thus far? He replied:
"Endstation kind of feels like family right now. I'm really very impressed with how the whole company has come together to pull this first summer season together. It's been great fun watching all the other characters grow in Bluest Water and being able to focus on what I'm doing on stage knowing that Geoff and everyone is looking out for us. The attention and time that's been put in on refining and tightening the script to really tell the story makes it a very exciting process in rehearsals."

Ken Parks and Michael Stablein rehearsing Act II/ Scene III of Romeo & Juliet

Ken It has been a pleasure and an honor sharing the stage with you! Keep up the Great Work!

Brian Scott Chaitin (Production Apprentice)

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